Vestara Brennan

Age: 26 Standard Years
Height: 6 foot (182cm)
Weight: 165lb
Cybernetics: Replacement of natural eyes with cybernetics after injuries sustained in breakout from Brotherhood world
Sex: Female
Bust Size: 34D
Waist: 31 Inches
Hips: 36 Inches
Parents: Anii (Snow Leopardess), Farhj'Hien (Grey Wolf, possible name) Surname believed to be “Ninhurs”
General Description: Half Snow Leopardess / Half Grey Wolf, black head hair, usually down to waist, some minor scars on her lower arms, usually covered.
Standard clothing: Dark blue or black overalls, often seen in latex if with her wife Aislinn

Known Background:

Vestara was born on the Brotherhood slave mining and factory world of Kenahehab, her mother was captured in a Brotherhood raid on a small convoy.
During the time she was with her mother she was sheltered a little, albeit still being made to work, however at the age of 3 terran years, her mother passed away due to a mining accident, thus leaving her to fend for herself.

Luckily the Brotherhood wanted young obedient slaves, so kept Vestara reasonably well, except calling her by a shortened version of her slave number, it was other slaves there that kept telling her of the name given to her by her mother, during this time they kept her entertained a little by telling her stories of other worlds, as well as, what was probably slightly embellished story of how her father fended off wave after wave of Brotherhood troops to try and let others escape including his mate.

However, at the age of 24, the colony was attacked by a band of marauders that resulted in the liberation of around 80% of the camp, the rest killed by Brotherhood rather than being allowed free.
This was Vestara’s first meeting with Aislinn, and also first taste of proper freedom, which had a minor effect on her.

During the breakout she ran past Aislinn who was holding down a Brotherhood guard that did enjoy beating Vestara somewhat, as well as making sexual overtures to her. It is not stated however, and Vestara will not confirm this if she was actually raped by this guard.
Aislinn ordered Vestara to take a gauss pistol and to fire it at the guard, finding it hard to, she was ordered and ended up emptying the full mag, only about 4 rounds actually hit the guard, causing serious internal bleeding and loss of the use of most of his body due to destroying the spine.

During the escape to the escape shuttles, she was narrowly missed by an anti-air rocket that caused slight burns to her face, but also caused the serious burning to her retinas, thus resulting in the needing of prosthetic eyes.

During her time healing, Aislinn kept visiting her, talking to her, even making a relationship, as well as helping her learn to use the eyes, 6 months later at the age of 25 she married Aislinn, taking the first proper surname she has ever had.

When Paradise station was found, she went with Aislinn to help rebuild it, taking her years of technical knowledge due to spending her time at the slave mines repairing the Zero atmosphere suits, as well as building various powered armours used by the Brotherhood troops.

At the age of 26, during an assault where the station was close to being overtaken by the Brotherhood, she snapped, almost becoming feral and attempted to engage defensive troops with nothing more than an energy pulse rifle and her engineering jumpsuit, after being dragged and held back by Coraline, she underwent some mental tests and was told that it was a delayed onset of her fathers side’s base wolf instincts coming in, pointing to her maybe having a career as a trooper as well.

After some quiet searching, and after having lot of relaxing, Vestara decided to make her own vessel, the Stormwolf

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