You Are A Male Academic Ginken From Bingion

You were born of the sky, your wings yearn for flight.
You grew up like most of your kind, fascinated by the world above.
In the legends of your people, your spirit took the path up the mountain of the before-life and flew into this life over the snaking river, the river that the shape shifting Fenogens took to life.

Growing up you heard stories of how the Imperium oppresses Bingion and a multitude of other planets and races, then curiously how those in the Academy seemed just beyond their influence.

As most Ginken do, you joined the Academy, training in the scholarly branch. Ginken often excel in the theoretic realms of science, understanding the concepts of physics, chemistry, medicine, almost without effort.

Ginken often head the medical and engineering tasks within the academy, which sometimes causes their egos to swell.

Several Ginken have great interest in the engineering of ships and it is nearly entirely through Ginken efforts that Bingion achieved the ability to traverse outer space.

Male Ginken are encouraged to focus on the practice of their teachings, rather then becoming teachers or archivist.

A very select few become a member of the class "In contemplation of the Shadow Forms" To all non members they are held as an advanced philosophy class. However, they are in reality the branch of the Academy that processes all data retrieved in the Academy's spying efforts as well as brainstorming the less public research projects the Academy funds.

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