You Are A Male Imperialist Ginken From Bingion

You were born of the sky, your wings yearn for flight.
You grew up like most of your kind, fascinated by the world above.
In the legends of your people, your spirit took the path up the mountain of the before-life and flew into this life over the snaking river, the river that the shape shifting Fenogens took to life.

You grew up idolizing(or fearing) the power of the Imperium, and though no one treated you badly you always had the feeling you were being left out in your home culture.

The imperium treated you with suspicion, but allowed you basic training. Ginken typically rise to the top of their classes, but are frequently singled out by jealous peers as an object of scorn.

It is not uncommon for Ginken to underperform academically to avoid being singled out, and in fact a very few Ginken have some amount of respect among their peers for their ability to tutor, however they are rarely, if ever, considered equals to the humans under the Imperium's tutelage.

Ginken who prove to be intelligent and subservient are sometimes enlisted (forcibly) into the Imperium's engineering corps.

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